Incomparable Stationery

With the addition of the Great Domes, the GN issued new on-board stationery. It was much like the previous stationery except with the addition of the words “The Incomparable.”

Click to download a PDF of this letterhead.

According to the dictionary, one definition of “incomparable” is “Unable to be compared.” But the Empire Builder could be compared with other trains. The GN was using the other definition of the word, “Without an equal in quality or extent,” and it was true, at least in terms of the number of dome seats, that the Empire Builder was without equal.

Click to download a PDF of this envelope.

Of course, fans of the Milwaukee, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, or other railroads would say that their premiere trains were at least the equal of the Empire Builder. Such debates might be fun, but it is just an advertising slogan.

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