Canada by Canadian Pacific

Canada is a big country, and over the years the Canadian Pacific issued many brochures making the case that the best way to see the country was from a Canadian Pacific train. This one dates from 1959 and features a cover illustration of a family enjoying the view from a dome car.

Click image to download a 7.8-MB PDF of this 16-page brochure.

The last three pages of the brochure reprint Hedley Rainnee’s illustration’s of Canadian interiors, but the cover illustration appears to be by a different artist. The cover isn’t signed, but the centerfold has a nice illustration of the Canadian that is signed by Stan Galli.

Click image for a larger view.

This illustration is from the upper bend of the S-shaped Morant’s Curve, but takes the unusual view of someone standing in the river instead of above the river. This means the artist is looking up at the train, but he still manages to get both the observation car and the lead locomotive in the picture–with, of course, the mountain backdrop that makes the site so dramatic. Naturally, the observation car is Banff Park.

A native of San Francisco, Galli (1912-2009) worked with the San Francisco firm of Patterson & Sullivan–the same company that employed Bruce Bomberger–and he illustrated ads and posters for, among others, United Airlines, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. He also illustrated books, especially mysteries.


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  1. Everyone on that train looks happy except for the woman in the upper duplex roomette. She looks worried about something, probably about what that growth is coming out of her head. The four business types in the double bedroom don’t look all that thrilled with the scenery either. Probably planning some kind of hostile takeover of half the US railroads by just two Canadian railroads. That could never happen though, at least not in 1959. 🙂


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