Bear Grass Breakfast Menu

The cover of this menu calls the flowers pictured in the foreground “Indian basket grass” because the Indians used to weave the leaves into baskets. While that’s a valid name, the more common name is bear grass, while the scientific name is Xerophyllum tenax.

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this menu.

This menu is undated but Great Northern began using the mountain goat logo in 1921, so the menu is likely from 1920 or earlier. Although the railway probably used menus like this in its dining cars, this particular one was used in the Many Glacier Hotel, which first opened in 1915. The menu offered mackerel, breakfast steak, eggs, or omelets, among other things. The menu is unpriced so it must be for guests on the American plan.

This menu is not from my collection but was scanned and contributed by a Streamliner Memories reader, for which I am grateful. He also sent a number of other items that I’ll present in the next few weeks.

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