The Eastern Train of the Year

A B&O brochure calls the Columbian “The Train of the Year.” Although the Pennsylvania Railroad had completely re-equipped the all-Pullman Broadway Limited just 45 days before the B&O introduced the new Columbian, the nation’s oldest railroad could make the case that, as the only dome-car train in the East, it deserved the title of “The Eastern Train of the Year.” However, it could not compete with the five-domed California Zephyr, which had been inaugurated the same day as the renewed Broadway.

The railroad loved to publicize photos of its trains on the Thomas Viaduct, one of the nation’s oldest railway bridges. Located just south of Baltimore and completed in 1835, it is still in use today by B&O successor CSX.

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Here are two pictures that may have been taken the same day; they show the same locomotive, but that could be a coincidence.

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  1. I’d bet the same day as publicity shots for the Columbian. The postcard has been retouched and colorized but all the trees in the background are in the same state of foliage. Even the clouds are about the same, although the postcard colorizer added more blue and fewer high clouds.

    I wonder where in the train those “semi-private” coach sections were and how people got to occupy them. Seems like a tremendous waste of space unless the B&O charged an extra fare.


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