VIA CanRailPass

After my 49-day 1978-79 trip on Amtrak and VIA, I took VIA to Banff sometime in the mid-1980s, but I don’t seem to have any memorabilia from that trip. My other big trip was in 1990, when budget cuts led VIA to cut the Canadian through Banff. VIA’s original plan was to also cut the SuperContinental through Jasper, but instead the government decided to keep that route but use Canadian Pacific equipment. The train was called the Canadian.

Click image to download a 484-KB PDF of this pass.

My girlfriend (who I had met on the San Francisco Zephyr eleven years before) and I decided to take the train from Vancouver to Toronto and then take the last train that went via Banff from Toronto to Vancouver. Prior to riding the trains, I drove to Lake Louise to photograph the train for several days and cross-country ski between train times. I purchased this CanRailPass for the trip.

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