Canadian Pacific Hotels in 1949

This booklet has a page or more on each of eighteen hotels from the Lord Nelson in the east to the Empress in the west. The largest hotels, such as the Royal York, get three pages, while smaller ones, such as Devils Gap in Kenora, Ontario, get only one. There’s also a page devoted to four Canadian Pacific mountain lodges and three tea houses in the Rockies, some of which still exist but are no longer owned by Fairmont, the successor to CP hotels.

Click image to download a 7.9-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

Prices for the main hotels are generally on the European plan (meaning meals not included), while the smaller chalets and lodges are on the American plan, and a few offer a choice. The Columbia Icefield Chalet offered a single room with a bath for $5.50 on the European plan and $10 on the American plan. Multiply 1949 Canadian dollars by nine to convert to today’s U.S. dollars.

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