Pullman Day or Night

This timetable-sized booklet presents a full array of Pullman accommodations in the 1950s. These include the section, single bedroom, duplex single bedroom, roomette, duplex roomette, double bedroom, compartment, and drawing room. The booklet even distinguishes between roomettes whose mattresses were 35 inches wide for the full length of the bed and those whose mattresses tapered at the foot end to allow the guest a small space to stand when the bed was lowered.

This is another booklet whose “front” cover, shown here, is actually on the back. Click image to download a 11.0-MB PDF of this 24-page booklet.

One size of room not mentioned was the master room, the only streamlined sleeping-car accommodation that had a shower. As previously noted, this had been used on only three trains, and by the time this booklet was published, just two trains. Though there’s no date on this booklet, it mentions that Pullman was 95 years old, which would mean the booklet was issued in 1954.

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