Modern Travel by Pullman

This 1956 brochure unfolds into a poster showing an array of Pullman accommodations on one side and a history of Pullman cars on the other. Accommodations are shown using the same illustrations as yesterday’s brochure, but the single bedroom and duplex rooms aren’t mentioned. The single bedroom had been largely replaced by roomettes; though they were used underneath the dome in Northern Pacific’s dome sleepers, those cars were built by Budd (but operated by Pullman).

Click image to download a 8.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

Curiously, of the twelve cars shown on the history side of this poster, the last one–dated 1956–is a dome sleeper. But Pullman never actually built any dome sleepers other than one for the 1947 Train of Tomorrow that was never actually used in sleeping car service. By 1956, the Pullman operating company had been separated from the car manufacturer, so the car shown here is the Budd-built North Coast Limited dome sleeper.

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