9 Ways to Travel in Comfort

This 1964 brochure lists nine different Pullman accommodations: upper, lower, entire section, roomette, duplex roomette, bedroom, bedroom suite (two bedrooms with the wall between them folded out of the way), compartment, and drawing room. Though the vista-dome North Coast Limited still offered a few single bedrooms, this brochure drops the word “double” when referring to bedrooms.

This is another booklet whose “front” cover, shown here, is actually on the back. Click image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of this 4-page brochure.

The brochure indicates the costs of each room in terms of the cost of a lower berth. For example, the roomette cost 40 percent more than a lower berth while a duplex roomette cost just 11 percent more. What the brochure doesn’t mention is that some of the rooms with multiple beds also required more than one rail fare. For example, it says that a “drawing room costs a little more than three lower berths,” but it doesn’t mention that you’d also have to pay up to 1-1/2 rail fares if you wanted a drawing room all to yourself.

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