10th Anniversary of Diesel Road Power

Although the cover is so non-descript that I’m using the title page in the image below, this booklet contains 31 color illustrations of General Motors passenger and freight locomotives and another 48 black-and-white photos of General Motors switch engines. The first color illustration (other than the one one the title page) shows Burlington’s Silver Pilot, an E-5 locomotive that has been preserved and occasionally operates at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Click image to download a 24.5-MB PDF of this 28-page booklet.

Also shown is the Flying Yankee, a near-duplicate of the original Zephyr. All but one of the remaining color illustrations show 2,000-HP passenger E units or 1,350-HP freight FT unit locomotives. The one exception is the TA, a 1,200-HP locomotive built exclusively for the Rock Island Rockets. The TA used a 16-cylinder version of the same Winton 201 engine used in the original Zephyr (which had eight cylinders), while the E and F units used a more advanced engine called the 567.

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