The GM Exhibit in 1934

Ralph Budd was one of more than 10 million people who saw the General Motors Century of Progress exhibit in 1933, and for 1934, this brochure says, “Everything has been changed” except for the Chevrolet assembly line (which was the main part of the exhibit). This brochure has also been updated, but much of it is still is written from the point of view of someone who supposedly is seeing the exhibit for the first time.

Click image to download a 4.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

The brochure has a new photo of the Diesel engines powering the Chevrolet assembly line. “This same type of engine is used in the new streamlined trains you’ve heard so much about lately,” says the brochure. Perhaps in keeping with the theme, many more cars pictured in the brochure are also somewhat streamlined.

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