George Sisk Pin-Up Blotters, 1948-1950

The Chicago, South Shore & South Bend or South Shore line was formed by Insull in 1925 when he took over another bankrupt railroad. The line is notable for owning Little Joe electric locomotives similar to those owned by the Milwaukee Road. Unlike most electric interurbans built in the early twentieth century, it survives today as a Diesel freight railroad, while the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District continues to run electric passenger trains on the South Shore line.

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Earl Moran’s work became particularly well known when it was featured in Life magazine in 1940. In 1946, a young would-be starlet named Norma Jean Dougherty asked Moran to use her as a model. Later known as Marylin Monroe, she was the model for the art on the February, 1948 blotter.

The April, 1949 blotter art is by Gil Elvgren, as is October 1949 and January and February 1950.

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