George Sisk Pin-Up Blotters, 1945-1948

The three railroads that George Sisk represented were all once part of the Insull empire. Samuel Insull was one of the first to realize that the electric power industry had huge economies of scale, and by 1929 he controlled 4,400 power companies in 39 states. Because many electric interurban lines generated their own power, he purchased those as well.

Click any image to download a PDF of that blotter.

The pin-up art on the blotter from September, 1945 is unsigned, but it was by Edward D’Ancona. Little is known about him, but like Gil Elvgren, he first sold his art to St. Paul publisher Louis F. Dow, some speculate that D’Ancona was also from St. Paul.

The September, 1947 art is by Gil Elvgren, who began selling his work to Brown & Bigalow in 1944. Notice that he changed his signature when he changed publishers.

The October, 1947 art is also by Gil Elvgren.

The November, 1947 and January, 1948 art is by Earl Moran.

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