B&O State Flowers Dinner Menu

This menu was used on the Ambassador, a train that connected Baltimore and Detroit until it was terminated in 1964. The menu is undated, but the prices look like the mid-1960s, so it was probably issued near the end of the train’s run.

Click image to download a 1.5-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu is rather sparse, which also indicates a mid-1960s date. It has only four table d’hôte entrées–fish, chicken, pork chop, and sirloin steak. The a la carte side has salads and sandwiches but no fish, chops, or steaks as entrées. The selection and prices are approximately equal to this Union Pacific menu from 1965.


B&O State Flowers Dinner Menu — 1 Comment

  1. I rode the Ambassador twice to visit relatives in Detroit from Akron, once in 1960 and once in 1962. The menu looks familiar from my 1962 trip. I remember the flowers on the front, and the food and prices look familiar. Since I was in tenth grade at the time, the hamburger “steak” (and it may really have been at least ground chuck) was in my price range. I remember it as being huge, maybe six inches across, and not on a normal hamburger bun. The bermuda onion was about a quarter onion sitting on top of the burger, and it came with the usual condiments, but not cheese. The french fries were fresh cut on the diner. You could get all the salad you wanted, and it was all made fresh on the train too. I was too full for the rolls and butter but they looked good. I talked the waiter into giving me a coke for my beverage too, instead of milk. All in all, it was a great meal, and it was two bucks with the quarter tip. Trains were still great in 1962, at least on the B&O.
    Regards, Jim

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