The Air-Conditioned Train

This little booklet was given to people viewing B&O’s air-conditioned train on display at the Century of Progress Exposition. The booklet describes each car of the train and the history behind some of those cars and the names applied to them.

Click image to download an 2.8-MB PDF of this 12-page booklet.

The six cars included an observation cars, a sleeping car, a diner, a lounge car, a reclining-seat coach, and a day coach. The B&O picked cars whose names were significant to the railroad and the fair: the observation car was named Maryland after B&O’s home state; the sleeping car was named Illinois after the state where the fair was located; and the dining car was named Mary Pickergill after the seamstress who sewed the flag that, when it flew in Baltimore, inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner.

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