New Haven 1912 Timetable

This 32-page timetable is packed with tiny print providing schedules on countless branch lines, yet it only covers “lines west of New London and Willimantic,” Connecticut. Another 32 pages were probably needed to cover the New Haven’s dense network of lines in Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts.

Click image to download a 22-3-MB PDF of this timetable.

In 1912, the New Haven had recently completed the acquisition of 50 other railroads, resulting in a 2,000-mile system that monopolized rail travel in Connecticut, Rhode Island, much of Massachusetts, and parts of New York. Buying those railroads increased the company’s debt by 17 times, leaving the company in poor shape to deal with competition with the automobiles Henry Ford would begin producing on moving assembly lines in 1913.


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  1. If you would happen to have the East half of the system, I would very much appreciate it if you could please post it. There are several lines in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that I am interested in the schedules for.

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