Frisco Dinner Menu

This menu doesn’t have a date, but the prices look like the 1950s. Rather than a table d’hôte section, the menu offers five plate dinners along with some a la carte items. The plate dinners include haddock, half a fried chicken, Salisbury steak, calf’s liver, and charcoal broiled club steak. All come with salad, potatoes, dinner rolls, and beverage; only the calf’s liver comes with dessert, presumably to get the taste if liver out of your mouth.

Click image to download a 721-KB PDF of this menu.

Prices range from $1.40 for the Salisbury steak to $3.40 for the club steak. In the mid-1950s, Union Pacific was offering a similar sirloin steak dinner for $4.50, suggesting this Frisco menu might be older than that.

I have another Frisco menu with an identical cover, but blank inside. However, it came with the following insert, which offers table d’hôte meals and is dated November 3, 1948.

Click image to download a 344-KB PDF of this menu.

The insert offers ten entrées, two of which–fried chicken and liver with bacon–are similar to those on the previous menu. For those two items, prices on the insert are lower than on the plate dinner menu, so it must be from a later year. Perhaps Frisco just offered lower-cost meals than Union Pacific.

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