Frisco January 1962 Timetable

We’ve seen this cover on Frisco timetables from 1959, 1964, and 1965. At least a couple of trains have disappeared since 1959, including the Kansas City-Tulsa Firefly and a train from St. Louis to Wichita.

Click image to download a 20.9-MB PDF of this timetable.

Other than a few disappearing trains, the main difference between these timetables is the back cover ad. The 1959 and 1962 timetables have different ads promoting overnight travel on Frisco’s premiere train, the Meteor; the 1959 ad calls it “dream-liner travel” while the 1962 ad has a “space travel” theme (playing on the Meteor name). The 1964 ad features the train’s lounge car while the 1965 ad featured two other trains, the St. Louis-Oklahoma City Oklahoman (a day train which had replaced the overnight Meteor) and the Kansas City-Birmingham Southland.

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