Western Pacific Cable Car Menu

I’ve shown this menu cover before in a post about the Exposition Flyer. But that was a low-resolution scan taken from another web site. This one is higher resolution and, unlike the other menu, it was never used so it is in better condition. However, that also means the interior is blank whereas the other one had a 1946 lunch menu.

Click image to download a 918-KB PDF of this menu.

This menu also doesn’t have the words “Exposition Flyer” across the cover. The back cover quotes a book, Cable Car Days of San Francisco, that was published in 1944, so this cover cannot have been much older than the one previously shown here. No matter when it was published, I love the colors and the front cover design that simultaneously evokes a sunset and one of the turntables used to turn the Powell Street cable cars at each end of their journeys.

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