Burlington Miscellaneous Items

Other than a 1957 calendar, which I hope to eventually get to, and a few other tiny items, this will pretty finish off my collection of Burlington paper memorabilia. Of course, I may end up acquiring more.

Click image to download a 295-KB PDF of this ticketbook.

This is a ticket book similar to ones we’ve seen before from other railroads. This particular one is blank inside (meaning the ticket itself has been torn out) so I didn’t scan that part.

Click image to download a 303-KB PDF of this timetable.

Here’s a 1968 timetable for Aurora commuter train service. The Burlington offered 25 trains each weekday each way between Aurora and Chicago.

Click image to download a 262-KB PDF of this meal check.

Here’s a meal check from the California Zephyr. As I’ve noted before, I suspect the tradition of having passengers write their own orders began when many waiters were not expected to be literate.

Click image to download a 324-KB PDF of this meal check.

Here’s a similar meal check for members of the armed services or other government employees “where settlement is made by government meal ticket or other authorized equivalent.” I’m not sure why government employees needed their own meal checks, but perhaps it made accounting easier for the railroad.

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