Yellowstone National Park: “The Cody Road”

“By all means, if you can spare the time, make your minimum” tour of Yellowstone last “twice five days, two weeks would be better, a month would be ideal,” urges this 1917 booklet. The booklet then goes on to describe nine five-day tours, all of which visit the main Yellowstone sites: Mammoth, Old Faithful, Grand Canyon, and Lake Yellowstone.

Click image to download a 17.7-MB PDF of this 24-page booklet.

Strangely, one of the tours both begins and ends at Yellowstone Station, an early name for what is now called West Yellowstone. Anyone taking that tour would arrive and leave on the Union Pacific, not taking the Burlington for any part of the trip. The booklet shows several photos of the Cody Road, and perhaps the inclusion of the Yellowstone Station tour is to show what people who travel the UP will miss by not taking the Cody Road.

This is one of the many booklets we have encountered in which what appears to be the front cover, shown above, is actually on the back. In this case, the real front cover, shown below, is equally spectacular, though mainly due to the coloration and not the rather unrealistic illustrations shown on the back.

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