NP 1966 Dinner Menu

The cover of this menu shows a barely recognizable North Coast Limited somewhere in Montana, probably near Homestake or Bozeman Pass. A close-up view makes it apparent that an artist has slightly enhanced the domes to make them stand out in the photo. The NP used a lot of black-and-white photos by Ron Nixon, but I can’t find this photo in the Ron Nixon archive, so perhaps this one was taken by someone else.

Click image to download a 23.0-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

The menu is heavily biased towards beef. The table d’hôte side offers fish or a choice of four different cuts of beef. The a la carte side has seven sandwiches, including a hamburger, roast beef, and a tenderloin steak on toast, plus six salads. There’s also a couple of plate dinners, both of which have beef entrées. Ham and chicken are available in sandwiches and chicken is also available in a salad, but hot pork, lamb, or poultry are completely absent. It makes you wonder if the NP owned its own cattle ranch.


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  1. This appears to be taken in an area on the west side of Bozeman pass known as ‘Chestnut’ … it is a mile or two west of where the tracks exit the Bozeman tunnel and is looking south quite possibly taken from old US Highway 10 which preceded I-90.

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