NP October 1964 Timetable

Like the May, 1964 timetable, this one uses just two colors of ink (red and black) on the cover instead of the three (red, green, and black) that had been used in previous editions. The North Coast Limited is portrayed in a nighttime scene through, perhaps, the North Dakota badlands.

Click image to download a 23.0-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

What kind of message was NP trying to send? Perhaps that the North Coast Limited was as comfortable and serene at night as during the day? Or perhaps that the railroad used cover of darkness to cover up the fact that it was too cheap to pay for a third color of ink?

Looking at the North Coast Limited‘s timetable, I see a pattern I didn’t notice before. The summer timetables had the eastbound train arriving in Chicago at 1:45 pm. The winter timetables had the train arriving at 2:00 pm. Perhaps Burlington added the fifteen minutes because it was uncertain about high-speed travel on wet or icy rails.

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