SP&S Timberline Lodge Breakfast Menu

This 1969 menu has the same format as yesterday’s 1958 menu, as well as one from 1965. Most railroads were curtailing their services in 1969, but it doesn’t show in this menu.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu offers three plate breakfasts, a low-calorie breakfast, and plenty of a la carte items. The most expensive breakfast, at $2.05 (about $13.50 in today’s dollars), offers fruit or juice, cereal, bacon or ham and eggs with toast or muffins, and a beverage. Pancakes or French toast could be substituted for the eggs and meat.

Timberline Lodge was the inspiration for the lounge car on the Shasta Daylight and was featured in Northern Pacific advertising as well. It is a fabulous timber-framed building and is doing quite well 80 years after it was built.


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