October 1952 Great Northern Goat

The Great Northern published the Goat for “individuals and organizations engaged directly or indirectly in the handling of industrial traffic matters and travel by railroad.” In other words, it was more likely to be seen by travel agents than the traveling public, but it still served as advertising for GN passenger trains. This particular issue has articles about American Express travel agents visiting Glacier Park; autumn scenery in northern Idaho; and winter sports at Timberline Lodge in Oregon.

Click image to download an 8.5-MB PDF of this 20-page magazine.

Along the bottom of every page are frankly tedious slogans such as “You Go Great When You Go Great Northern” and “The Streamlined Empire Builder,” most of which are used twice. The cute kids on the cover are merely a come-on; while the magazine has a half-page article about the history of Halloween, which is vaguely related to the cover, it has a two-page article about gathering Christmas trees, which isn’t related to the cover at all.

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