Summer, 1937 Timetable

Although the Depression pushed Great Northern’s secondary train, the Oriental Limited, off the timetable after 1931, this timetable shows that the Fast Mail, which ran from St. Paul to Seattle, had sleeping cars and coaches (but no food service). Another train, numbers 3 & 4, went between St. Paul and Great Falls with sleeping cars, coaches, and a cafe car.

Click image to download a 26.8-MB PDF of this 36-page timetable.

The timetable also contains two pages of steamship schedules, featuring ships from Seattle to Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Australia. It also shows a ship between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco via Havana, Acapulco, and the Panama Canal, which is odd because anyone taking that route wouldn’t be likely to ride the Great Northern.

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