SP 1966 Timetable

Like other condensed timetables presented in the last couple of weeks, this one is just six panels long. But by 1966 those six panels display all of SP’s trains on all its routes: Sunset-Golden State take two panels; Coast, Overland, and Shasta one each; and San Joaquin gets the half-panel next to the cover that is shown below.

Click image to download a 2.8-MB PDF of this timetable.

The West Coast of Mexico train is summarized on one of the Sunset-Golden State pages, even though that train was by this time run by the National Railroad of Mexico. The San Joaquin half-page actually shows that a Santa Fe bus from Bakersfield to Los Angeles is a faster alternative to Southern Pacific’s train, not an admission a railroad would make if it were seriously interested in maintaining the passenger business.

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