Milwaukee Road Spring, 1958 Timetable

We’ve previously seen a 1956 timetable, and this one shows a variety of minor cut backs. For example, the number of daily trains between Chicago and Milwaukee was cut from nine to eight; train service from Milwaukee to Madison was cut back to Milwaukee-Columbus; passengers to Wisconsin’s capital had to transfer to buses for the final 29 miles.

Click image to download a 28.6-MB PDF of this 40-page timetable.

A train from Chicago to Berlin, Wisconsin shown in table 17 on page 22 of the 1956 timetable was dropped. The route from Chicago to Sioux Falls via Sioux City on page 23 was cut from two trains to one train per day. The mixed train to Rapid City on page 24 was eliminated. Trains from Kansas City to Chicago and Milwaukee on page 25 were both dropped. There are probably a few other changes as well.

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