Longer 1969 Centennial Booklet

Yesterday’s booklet seemed lavish, but this one is even more so. Though the front covers are identical, this one is 16 pages longer, and that doesn’t count a sheet of tissue paper that is inlaid with images of UP freight cars and inserted between the covers and the interior pages.

Click image to download a 42.9-MB PDF of this booklet.

The back cover of this one is a near duplicate of the front, while the painting on the back cover of the shorter one is on page 3 of this one and is facing a page that is nearly blank except for a caption for the painting. Page 5, an 1823 map showing the territory crossed by the Union Pacific, is new. Pages 10 and 22 show two Howard Fogg paintings absent from the shorter version. Page 24 shows some war posters and page 28 has a map and two old photos. None of these additions are critical to the story but they do make for a more impressive book.

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