December 1969 Condensed Timetable

This tiny timetable was issued just three months after the yesterday’s, but some major changes have been made. The biggest is that the Portland Rose, train 17 & 18, terminates in Denver and no longer connects with the City of Kansas City or the train that used to be the Portland Rose between Denver and Kansas City, now numbered 117 & 118.

Click image to download a 0.8-MB PDF of this timetable.

Where the train once went through from Kansas City to Portland, there is now a 10-1/2-hour layover westbound and a 7-1/4-hour layover eastbound. The Portland Rose survived this long only because the Interstate Commerce Commmission wouldn’t let UP kill it, so maybe the railroad broke this connection as an act of revenge.

There are more inconveniences. Train 111 & 112, which is supposed to be the City of Denver, connects with the “City of Everywhere” in North Platte, but it isn’t immediately obvious that this is so as the timetable for 111 & 112 is separate from the timetable from the other City of Everywhere trains.

The timetable seems to show that the westbound City of San Francisco leaves Ogden at 7:30 pm, 45 minutes before what remains of the City of Everywhere arrives. The explanation is that the City of San Francisco departure time is shown in Pacific Time even though Ogden is on Mountain Time. This was sure to confuse some people who might be annoyed to show up an hour early for their train.

Aside from the city trains and the Portland Rose, there are just three more survivors: the Butte Special from Salt Lake City, a train from Hinkle to Spokane, and the Seattle-Portland pool train. All of this fits on a 6″x10-1/2″ folded brochure, which is quite a comedown from yesterday’s 28-page timetable.

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