Union Pacific Fall, 1969 Timetable

Union Pacific managed to fill 36 pages for its 1969 timetable, but only did so by being highly repetitive and showing plenty of timetables for which there were no actual trains. Table number 1 on page 15 is saddest of all: at first glance, it shows five trains a day between Omaha and Cheyenne. A closer look reveals that four of them, the City of San Francisco, City of Los Angeles/Chellenger, City of Portland, and City of Denver, all had the same schedule, the so-called “City of Everywhere.” Only the fifth train, the unnamed trains 5 & 6, provides some variety, and that Omaha-Los Angeles train consisted solely of coaches, with “station stops for meals en route.”

Click image to download a 27.4-MB PDF of this timetable.

Pages 6 through 9 are little more than repeats of the timetables for the four City trains and trains 5 & 6. This repeat was somewhat useful when UP had three or four trains on each route, but here it’s just filler. Many of the timetables on pages 22 and 23, and nearly all of them on 24 and 25, are marked “K” meaning freight only. Why are they included at all?

As if UP can’t get rid of passengers fast enough, the connecting trains on page 27 include the California Zephyr from Denver to Oakland, though not by name, only as a Rio Grande train from Denver to Salt Lake and a Western Pacific train from Salt Lake to Oakland. I suppose such connections were useful for people trying to get to Grand Junction or Stockton.

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