Hoover Dam/Las Vegas

The covers of this brochure give equal time to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, but in fact most of the brochure is about Hoover Dam, which was apparently considered a bigger attraction that Vegas in 1953. One side of the brochure devotes six panels to Hoover Dam and only four to Las Vegas; the other side is a relief map of the area centered on the dam and Lake Mead.

Click image to download a 14.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

The map is signed “Gerald A. Eddy, Glendale, California.” Gerald Allen Eddy was born in Michigan in 1890 and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1902. He lived the rest of his life in southern California, doing art that specialized in cartographic maps such as the one in this brochure. He died in 1967.


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  1. That was a typical UP brochure when it comes to Las Vegas. The UP always seemed to be embarrassed by gambling, topless floor shows, and 24 hour a day drinking at Vegas. Even this brochure spends a lot more time talking about riding horse around the desert than casinos which aren’t even mentioned except for being places of amusement with not even a mention of gambling. While Hoover Dam was (and remains) a major tourist attraction, it was always a secondary destination compared to sampling the somewhat sinful pleasures of Vegas. Looking at SP brochures that included Reno showed a completely different orientation, with the SP actually showing the interior of casinos and trumpeting “The Biggest LIttle City in the World”.

    Jim C.

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