Southern California Postcards

These cards date from the 1910s to the 1950s or 1960s. The first is probably from the late 1910s. There is more than one Japanese garden in Pasadena, but the one shown here is probably the Huntington garden (which is actually in San Marino, next-door to Pasadena), which opened in 1912.

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The garden had been built by Henry Huntington, the nephew of Collis Huntington, one of the four founders of the Central Pacific-Southern Pacific system. Henry served as vice-president of Southern Pacific and started the Pacific Electric trolley system in Los Angeles.

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This lithographed card appears to be from the 1920s. The photo is marked “Stephen Willard,” a Palm Springs artist and photographer who specialized in desert landscapes.

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We’ve seen this photo before on Union Pacific menus dating as early as 1947. This linen postcard is undoubtedly from around that time.

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This photo of Catalina Island probably dates from the 1960s.

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Technically, Pebble Beach is in northern California, but it is in the very southern part of that section. I’m including this postcard here so I can have five cards each in northern and southern California. This card dates from about the same time as the Catalina Island card.

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