UP 1930s Advertising Postcards

Union Pacific issued lots of postcards, and I’ll be presenting nearly six dozen of them over fourteen (not necessarily consecutive) days. Today, we’ll look at a few cards overtly advertising UP trains and routes.

Click image to download a 180-KB PDF of this postcard.

In 1935, Union Pacific’s first streamliner, the M-10000, was put into service between Kansas City and Salina, Kansas and given the name City of Salina. As shown on this postcard, and confirmed by the 1937 timetable, the train made two trips per day: first from Salina to Kansas City, then a quick round trip between Kansas City and Topeka, then back to Salina. While this postcard shows the final trip leaving KC at 4 pm, by 1937 this had been changed to 5 pm.

Click image to download a 340-KB PDF of this postcard.

These postcards note that Union Pacific inaugurated the Challenger in 1935, and “since that time it has become known the world round.” So they are from after 1935, and though unused someone has written “April 28, 1939” on the back of this one.

Click image to download a 3.6-MB PDF of this postcard.

Though clearly published after 1935, both postcards use the Overland Route logo. UP’s web site confusingly says this logo was last used in 1933 but then says it was replaced in 1942, suggesting it was used through the 1930s.

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Union Pacific’s exhibit at the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition looked a little like a ticket office and advertised national parks and other sights along UP routes.

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Under the exhibit’s canopy, UP displayed a model railroad that didn’t do justice to the grand scenery visible from UP trains and UP hotels.

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