Canadian National Fall 1971 Timetable

CN lost about half its passenger trains from the 1963 timetable to 1971. The 1971 edition is just 24 pages long (plus covers), down from 64 in 1963, and contains about 51 table, down from 98. The system map, now back in the centerfold, has been vastly simplified to show only routes on which CN ran passenger trains or linked to bus or ferry services.

Click image to download an 13.1-MB PDF of this timetable.

Gone are trains from Montreal to New York, Detroit, and other U.S. cities (probably because Amtrak cut them). Montreal-Halifax is down to two trains a day from three in 1963; Montreal/Toronto-Vancouver is down to one with cancellation of the Continental in the late 1960s. Since the cancelled trains were milk runs that made lots of stops, the tables for these routes took much less space in 1971 as those former stops are no longer shown.

Calgary was never on CN’s main line but in 1963 it was served by CN trains east to Winnipeg and north to Edmonton. These trains were gone in 1971, through there is a table for Greyhound bus service from Calgary to Edmonton. Curiously, CN still ran an RDC from Edmonton to Drumheller, about 80 miles northeast of Calgary. Many other trains are truncated to shorter routes than in 1963.

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