CN Maple Leaf Tours: New York, 1961

While most western railroads had tour booklets that described tours starting from one city, usually Chicago, Canadian National went to the trouble of having separate tour booklets for tours starting in at least four different cities. This one is for tours that start in New York, though it also includes pricing information for Washington, Philadelphia, and Buffalo.

Click image to download an 23.0-MB PDF of this booklet.

The booklet describes eight tours, most of them going to Jasper. Some go as far as Alaska, some to Vancouver, and some just to Jasper. Some return via Banff or an American railroad. One tour just goes to Churchill, which was not yet advertised as the polar bear capital of the world.

The shortest tour was a 10-day trip to Jasper, which cost around $400 (more than $3,200 in today’s money). The longest was a 21-day trip to Skagway, Alaska (including an excursion on the White Pass & Yukon to Carcross), with stops in Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff. This cost about twice as much as the 10-day tour.

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