Provincial Flowers 1962 Dinner Menu

This is the last of the menus I have from National Railway Historical Society trips on the CN. This trip from Fort Erie to Toronto and return took place on May 20, 1962. It’s hard to tell from the PDFs, but this menu is much larger than the other ones: 9″x12″ vs. 6-3/4″x10″. The menu doesn’t say it is for dinner, but it is almost identical to the dinner menus I presented a few days ago: fish (in this case, goldeneye), chicken pie, or prime rib for $3.25 or sirloin steak for $4.50.

Click image to download a 2.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The backs of the other menus had advertisements for CN parlor and sleeping car accommodations. This one is a little more crass, advertising Tilden Rent a Car. As near as I can tell, CN was not an investor in Tilden, so this must have been a paid advertisement.

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