Sun Valley 1958 Café Dinner Menu

This attractive scene shows two woolen-garbed skiers looking out over their balcony at a line of Union Pacific buses bringing more guests from the latest UP train at Shoshone, Idaho. The 1958 timetable shows both westbound and eastbound Portland Roses arriving at mid-day while the City of Portland arrived early in the morning or evening. Since the shadows appear to be in the mid-day, the buses must be serving Portland Rose passengers.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

Like the previous menus, this one was used for dinners in the City of Portland‘s Cafe Lounge Car. While the previous menus offered halibut, fried chicken, and baked ham, this one lists salmon, chicken a la king, and beef pot roast. Both have New York steak, and the a la carte and bar menus are otherwise identical. The slight variations in table d’hôte menus must be so that the café cars could serve different meals on the first and second nights of the City of Portland‘s journey between Chicago and Portland.

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