UP 1958 Timetable

Union Pacific’s 1947 timetable had four trains a day between Chicago-Los Angeles and Chicago-San Francisco, and three a day between Chicago and Portland. By 1958, it was down to three a day in the summer/two a day in the off season between Chicago-Los Angeles and just one a day between Chicago-Portland and Chicago-San Francisco. A second, unnamed train to San Francisco started in Omaha but included only coaches to Ogden, with sleepers, a coffee-shop car, and–between Ogden and Oakland–a dome lounge. One of the Chicago-Los Angeles trains was also unnamed, with through coaches and a cafe-lounge, but sleepers only between Cheyenne and Salt Lake and between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Click image to download a 38.2-MB PDF of this 52-page timetable.

The 1947 timetable that I posted here last week was a condensed edition, but it still filled 36 pages. Despite the diminished number of trains, the 1958 edition has 52 pages; the difference includes a station index, connecting train and bus schedules, and general information not found in the 1947 edition.

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