UP 1947 Timetable

Union Pacific sent this time table, along with a map and a brochure about Hoover Dam, to George Trowbridge of Battle Creek, Michigan in September, 1947. Page 1 of the timetable notes that the streamliners City of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, and St. Louis are, starting in 1947, all daily trains.

Click image to download a 20.6-MB PDF of this timetable.

Curiously, page 3 has a six-month calendar with the heading, “Consult this calendar in connection with Union Pacific Streamliner sailing dates.” Since the sailings were now daily, this was superfluous.

In addition to the streamliners, UP listed three other daily trains to Los Angeles–the Los Angeles Limited, Mail & Express-Utahn, and Pacific-Pony Express (note that it is no longer called Pacific Limited). The Mail & Express was not a desirable way to travel as it only had a coach, and no diner or sleepers, from Chicago to Cheyenne. It also left Chicago 3-1/4 hours before the Los Angeles Limited but arrived in Cheyenne 3-1/2 hours after.

Three other daily trains also went to San Francisco: the San Francisco Overland, San Francisco Challenger, and Pacific. Two other daily trains went to Portland: the Los Angeles Limited-Utahn-Idahoan and Pacific-Portland Rose.

Multiple names indicate through cars on multiple trains. For example, Portland passengers from Chicago could take the Los Angeles Limited to Cheyenne, see their cars transferred to the Utahn to Green River, and then transferred once again to the Idahoan. The Pacific was a through train from Chicago to San Francisco with cars to Portland transferred at Green River to the Portland Rose (which apparently started and terminated in Green River) and cars to Los Angeles transferred at Ogden to the Pony Express (which had come from St. Louis).

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