Western Wonderlands: 1958

Here’s the 1958 edition of a brochure we previously saw in its 1953 incarnation. The main difference is that all of the photos of trains have been updated to show Union Pacific dome cars.

Click image to download a 5.7-MB PDF of this brochure.

The Willmarth-style map that fills one side of the brochure hasn’t changed, but an inset into the map has. The 1953 edition had a United States map that outlined Union Pacific routes. The 1958 edition replaced this with a photo of one of Union Pacific’s veranda-style gas-turbine locomotives pulling a freight train along the Weber River near Peterson, Utah. This photo was also used on Union Pacific’s 1957 calendar.

Scanned from UP’s 1957 calendar, this photo was also inset into the map of the 1958 Western Wonderlands brochure. Click image for a larger view.

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