Chateau Swimming Pool 1949 Lunch Menu

Here’s one more menu from the Chateau Lake Louise, this one dated September 11, 1949. The menu has the usual combination of five hot and three cold entrées on the table d’hôte side and nine hot and four cold on the a la carte side.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this menu.

As with the case of the menu showing the dining room, I’m surprised they would put a photo on the cover showing something that anyone at the chateau could see by looking out a window. It would have made more sense to have photos of, say, the Emerald Lake Chalet, Banff Springs golf course, a train, or other Canadian Pacific operations to try to advertise those services.


Chateau Swimming Pool 1949 Lunch Menu — 1 Comment

  1. I suspect the picture was there as advertising aimed toward people who mailed home menus to friends or as souvenirs. A swimming pool wasn’t common in any hotel in 1949, but having one behind glass at a mountain resort was even more unusual. It looks like there was a schedule for the day’s activities in the center of the menu but it got cut off.

    Another typical CP manu with liver and tongue available. You can tell by the pricing they really didn’t want you order a la carte. Half a grapefruit, onion soup, cod, wax beans, whipped potatoes, compote of fruit in syrup, coffee, and bread would have cost almost five bucks compared to the $2.00 lunch on the table d’hote side. Even forgiving the pricing for being at a somewhat remote resort, $2.25 for domestic caviar is pretty breathtaking for 1949 when the average daily wage was about $8.00 a day. I imagine that the hotel was set up to deliver the fixed menu at a reasonable cost, and high prices for all the other items discouraged orders and decreased their inventory of expensive and perishable food like caviar. Also why they wanted you to wait 10 minutes for chicken broth and rice soup but onion soup with cheese crust had no wait. You’d spend a lot of time waiting around the dining room for your food if you ordered a la carte.


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