California Limited Dinner Menu

The all-Pullman California Limited was Santa Fe’s oldest Chicago-Los Angeles train. By 1931, when this menu was issued, it had been replaced by the Chief as Santa Fe’s premiere train, but it was still a very fine train.

Click image to download a 745-KB PDF of this menu.

This menu is very similar to yesterday’s Grand Canyon Limited menu, with sea trout instead of sea bass, ham steak instead of chicken-and-ham a la king, and roast duckling instead of prime rib. In place of yesterday’s Philadelphia Oyster Pepper Pot, this one lists Chesapeake Bay Oyster Pepper Pot. However, “Philadelphia” refers to the Pepper Pot recipe while “Chesapeake Bay” refers to the oysters, so they are probably the same soup. The table d’hôte price is still $1.75 or about $25 in today’s money.


California Limited Dinner Menu — 1 Comment

  1. I just knew that sweetbreads had to show up on one of these menus along with the tongue sandwich. 🙂 This menu does have something I’ve never seen before on a railroad menu. The small sirloin on the ala carte side is shown as being served “vert pre”. I’m reasonably well read and have never seen that term before. After looking it up, it’s apparently shoestring potatoes and watercress served as a garnish with various grilled meats. It’s now seems to have devolved to a term for any kind of garnish accompanying grilled meat among real foodies. I wonder if “vert pre” was a more commonly used term in 1931? It’s hard to believe it was more commonly understood term then than now. I suspect that this was a way the Santa Fe tried to class up its menu instead.


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