Denver and Salt Lake

The centerfold of this booklet has a beautiful color illustration of the Moffat Road’s route over Rollins Pass with an arrow pointing to the future location of the Moffat Tunnel–a tunnel that would not open for another 13 years. The illustration makes it appear that the railroad circled around the mountain in the center three times, when in fact, as this map shows, the route heads up from left to right, then loops and heads up from right to left, then loops again and heads up from left to right.

Click image to download a 10.9-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Some of the black-and-white photos in this booklet, such as the Flatirons above Boulder, will be recognized by anyone familiar with the California Zephyr route. But other photos, such as Yankee Doodle Lake, will be familiar only to those who have driven the Rollins Pass Road that follows the route of the D&SL. Because the D&SL merged into the D&RGW in the 1930s (and because there are already so many railroads/trains in my category list), I’ve listed this as a Rio Grande document.

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