The Garden of Allah: 1936 Edition

In 1936, Rock Island came out with a new edition of The Garden of Allah. While much of the text was similar to that of the 1934 edition, the beautiful Babcock illustrations were replaced with some 40 black-and-white photos. The gain in realism was more than offset by the gain in drabness.

Click image to download a 36.1-MB PDF of this 40-page booklet.

The front cover is the only color illustration in the booklet. It is unsigned, but doesn’t appear to be Babcock’s style.


The Garden of Allah: 1936 Edition — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, but the drabness was also compensated for by an assortment of comely lasses in every other photo. 🙂 A few of them are quite daring for 1934.

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