Kansas City Southern 1963 Timetable

This timetable fills 20 pages, but they are only 4″x9″, so are equal to ten pages of a regular 8″x9″ timetable. Despite its heft, the publication lists just three trains: the Kansas City-New Orleans Southern Belle; trains 9 & 10, a secondary train on the same route; and trains 15 & 16 from Shreveport to Port Arthur connecting with 9 & 10 to Kansas City.

Click image to download a 7.1-MB PDF of this timetable.

These schedules, plus an equipment list for the trains, fill little more than two pages of the booklet. The remaining pages list agents, fares, connections, a two-page map, and lots of ads for such things as Pullman service, roomettes, and industrial sites along the railroad.

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