Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad

This is a peculiar booklet. The ten interior pages each contain an interior photo of a Rio Grande passenger train, accompanied by an average of just 15 words per photo. While there is a system map on the back cover, none of the interior pages mention specific trains, routes, destinations, or the scenery visible from Rio Grande trains.

Click image to download an 11-MB PDF of this booklet.

The cover photo showing a 1929 locomotive pulling a passenger train appears to have been “photoshopped” as the train would otherwise be emerging from the solid wall of a canyon. While the booklet is undated, it must be from the late 1930s, as the map on the back cover shows the Dotsero Cutoff (opened in 1934) and the Uintah Railway (closed in 1939).


Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad — 2 Comments

  1. LOL. I wonder who produced this brochure? It looks like it was done on the cheap by the railroad’s own publicity department. Most of the windows have airbrushed scenes or are just blanked off. The view out the rear of the observation car shows a track magically rising up in the air behind it. And take a look at the dining car scene. The photographer is obviously standing on a chair in the background, and the waiter couldn’t resist looking over at him instead of looking like he was working. 🙂


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