The Railroad with Young Ideas

This booklet was passed out during “educational tours” for students who (judging from the photos) were in what we would today call middle school or junior high school. It describes the Burlington’s freight operations as well as passenger trains in both words and plenty of pictures.

CLick image to download a 8.8-MB PDF of this menu.

Though undated, the booklet mentions the “Great Dome Empire Builder,” which added domes in 1955, but doesn’t mention vista-domes in connection with the Denver Zephyr, which added domes in 1956. Thus, it must have been printed in 1955.


The Railroad with Young Ideas — 1 Comment

  1. Pretty funny. The railroad with “young ideas” that only shows FT locomotives and nothing but old guys working for it. 1969 was near the height of the hippie era, and it seemed like young people were taking over the world. Hence, the need for a stodgy old railroad to try to look “young”. It doesn’t work now and, I suspect, didn’t work then either. Little did anyone know that less than one year later, the CB&Q would cease to exist as a separate railroad and, within 25 years, the last vestiges of the old Burlington would be submerged in mega mergers. So much for those kids who were going to grow up and become “Burlington Men”.

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