Vista-Dome North Coast Limited Postcards

Our final Northern Pacific postcards, at least for awhile, are from the Vista-Dome era, meaning 1954 or later. The first card shows the Vancouver, BC skyline of the mid-1950s. It has certainly changed since then, as it is now crowded with high-rise condominiums and other skyscrapers that dwarf the ones shown on the postcard.

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The next photo shows the fishing fleet at Ketchikan. Unlike Vancouver, Ketchikan’s downtown hasn’t changed much since the 1950s, but the fishing boats today are probably much larger.

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Following the Alaska theme, the next postcard shows Juneau, the state capital. The large buildings on the right were the Alaska-Juneau gold mine. Today most of the gold mined in Juneau comes from cruise ship passengers. These Alaska postcards probably were issued in 1959, the year Alaska became a state. The H.S. Crocker Company, whose name is on the cards, issued a card with the same photo of Juneau for the John M. Anderson News Air Company of Anchorage.

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This photo of an anonymous family waving from a pontoon boat may be attractive to members of that family, but as used on a postcard it is somewhat creepy. Who wants to send a postcard featuring someone else’s family?

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While the previous cards are difficult to date precisely, the following one is easy as it shows the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Since it is an artist’s portrayal rather than a photo, it must have been issued in late 1961 or early 1962. The fair greatly increased business for both Northern Pacific and Great Northern passenger trains, but the boost was only temporary.

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