Streamlined North Coast Limited Postcards

Today we have several postcards advertising the streamlined North Coast Limited. The first shows off this train’s boring paint scheme as it crosses the Stone Arch Bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis. The effect of streamlining is reduced somewhat by the fact that one of the cars in the picture is a heavyweight.

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The next card shows an artist’s impression of the rather plain interior of the train’s lunch counter-dining car. As I’ve noted before, the first streamlined North Coast Limited was aesthetically inferior to its competitors both inside and out.

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This black-and-white card was given out at the 1948 Chicago Rail Fair. While it shows the real Old Faithful, it notes that an imitation Old Faithful was part of the GN-NP-CB&Q Vacationland exhibit at the fair.

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I’m not sure what sheep have to do with the North Coast Limited, but Northern Pacific was probably just advertising some of the resources that were found along its right of way.

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This final card advertises the “faster” North Coast Limited. This means it is from 1952, the year the NP finally speeded up its premiere train to be competitive with the Empire Builder and Olympian Hiawatha

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